Dear Members and Friends

It is hard to believe that we are now into the final month of 2020 — a year that has been unlike any other and which has required every membership-based organisation to adapt to new ways of engaging with — and delivering for — our members.

For Australian businesses, who have already suffered over the summer from bushfires, drought and floods, the impact of coronavirus has both immediate and long-term impacts — especially if they are selling to China or relying on China for their supply chain and as well as doing…


The recent trade war between China and USA certainly created plenty of speculation and uncertainties globally and especially in the Asia Pacific region. Australia played a critical intellectual leadership role in the Comprehensive and Progress Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations. ATBC have always encouraged Australian government to support Taiwan’s entry into the CPTPP. As President Tsai of Taiwan said when she was interviewed by CNN recently: The China “that we are facing has become stronger by the day, as has its ambition. The threat from China is also growing. Under…


“Islands of Opportunities: Prospects for Expanding Trade and Investment between Taiwan and Australia”

is the Theme of 32nd Joint Conference of ATBC and ROCABC to be held at the Far Eastern Shangri-La Taipei 30–31 August 2018. Registration will be closed on Wednesday 22nd August 2018!

Despite the rising tide of protectionism in some countries, Taiwan sustained a resilient export growth of 11.2% in Q2 2018. Although the direct contribution of exports to China has fell, there was a big jump in exports to Hong Kong, possibly due to the US China trade war. Overall, though, export…


After the Easter break, here comes the Budget 2018, as the Treasurer Scott Morrison said “Our economy will shape the choices and opportunities for the Australians over the next ten years. That’s why this year’s Budget will focus on making our economy stronger”.

According to the Natixis Asia Research [] the trade war between the two giants the USA and China has yet to create an impact on Taiwan’s economy. Solid export and consumption demand have continued to support growth. Most important of all, the hithertoo lacklustre investment trend is recovering. …


We are so pleased to learn that 2018 is the Year of the Dog and its characteristic word is “ACTION”!

We were very sorry to learn about the unfortunate magnitude 6 earthquake centred on Hualien County in beautiful eastern Taiwan on 6th February 2018. Our thoughts and condolences are with those who have suffered!

One of the most effective members of the rescue team that sprung into action was a four-year old Labrador that helped save lives under extreme conditions.


Taiwan’s economy is expected to continue its recovery in 2018, on the back of a…


In these final days of 2017, the members and friends of the Australia-Taiwan Business Council (ATBC) and others who care about Australia’s relations with Taiwan have reason to be happy with our progress and achievements over the year.

As CEO of the ATBC, I’m delighted that we have become even more effective and even better organised — and that our reputation with business and political leaders of the two countries is better than ever.

The strong financial sponsorship and in-kind support given to us by member companies, the Australian Trade Commission and others organisations is, I think…

An event in the Australia-Taiwan Business Council’s (ATBC) Special Taiwan Visitor Program

To promote deeper understanding in Australia of Taiwan and more awareness in Taiwan of Australia, from time to time, the ATBC supports visits to Australia by political, business and academic leaders from Taiwan.

In early April, ATBC next Special Visitor, Dr Parris Chang, will give lectures and seminars in Sydney and Canberra. Taiwan’s presidential and congressional elections, held in January, saw the election of the island nation’s first woman president and control of its parliament pass to the Democratic Progressive party (DPP). The president-elect, Dr Tsai Ing-wen, takes office on 20 May.

In contrast to the KMT, the DPP is…

Taiwan — not China!

Why the Australia-Taiwan Business Council goes from strength to strength.

The Australia-Taiwan Business Council (ATBC), founded more than thirty years ago by the late Sir Charles Court AK KCMG OBE, in late May held three outstandingly successful events:

An Australia-Taiwan Women Entrepreneur Network (ATWEN) Forum in Sydney, attended by outstanding women business leaders from Taiwan, Australia and China.

A Gala Dinner for 50 people at the prestigious Australian Club Sydney, celebrating the successful launch of ATWEN. …

The 2015 Joint Conference of the Australia-Taiwan Business Council (ATBC) and its Taiwan counterpart, the ROC-Australia Business Council (ROCABC), will be held on 3–4 September, at Darwin, capital of Australia’s Northern Territory.

The ATBC is one of Australia’s oldest and most successful bilateral business councils; this year’s is the 29th Joint Conference.

The ATBC gratefully acknowledges the support of the government of the Northern Territory, which is sponsoring many of the activities at the Conference.

The Taiwan delegation, of up to fifty business people, will be led by Dr Tsou Jo-Chi, Chairman of Taiwan’s China Steel Corporation (CSC) and the…

The Annual General Meeting of the ATBC will be held from 11.30am to 12.00 noon on Tuesday 19 May, at the head office of Macquarie Group, 50 Martin Place, Sydney. A formal Notice will be sent to all members in the near future. All financial members of the ATBC are encouraged to attend. Non-members: Join now by calling the Chairman +61 421 123 991.

The AGM will elect the National Executive for the following 12 months. Financial members wishing to nominate for election should contact the CEO, Ching-Mei Tuan — — as soon as possible.

The AGM will be…

ATBC 澳台工商委員會

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